About UFunded

The mission of UFunded is to connect entrepreneurs & alumni of universities to raise money for entrepreneurship and The Next Big Idea by engaging a network of university supporters for mentorship, feedback and advice.

Whether you’re starting a business, developing innovative products, or showcasing your creative brilliance raising money to execute your plan is hard.  We understand that many entrepreneurs are faced with two simple questions: Where will we get money?  Who will help us?

We realized that crowdfunding is a revolutionary way to raise money for entrepreneurial endeavors.  Crowdfunding helps you get the capital you need and get more people engaged in fundraising campaigns.  You can rely on a supportive network that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship.

That led us to create UFunded, a crowdfunding platform, where entrepreneurs and alumni can pool resources together to strengthen the university communities we care about the most! So please post a campaign, fund a worthy dream and show your school pride.

The Team

Cuyler Hunter is an original founder of UFunded with experience in business development, entrepreneurship and marketing. He has worked for building materials manufacturer GAF-Elk and for a cloud-computing software startup. He has an MBA from The Ohio State University with a focus on Strategy and Entrepreneurship. Cuyler loves all things Cleveland, football and a good craft beer. He serves as the CEO for UFunded.

Luke Friedman is an original founder of UFunded who has experience in Finance in Enterprise Software at IBM and AT&T. He is originally from Columbus, Ohio. He has an MBA from The Ohio State University with a focus on Finance, Entrepreneurship and Marketing. Luke enjoys OSU football, Da Bears and watching Curb Your Enthusiasm. He serves as President for UFunded.

Advisory Board

Andy Dickson is a seasoned entrepreneur having successfully launched several start ups. Currently, Andy is the CEO of NanoFabrix in Columbus, Ohio. He is a former managing director and fund manager at the Ohio Tech Angels with expertise in deal sourcing, screening and structuring.

Chris Ito is a member of the Board of The Ohio State Alumni Association, former Deloitte partner and an experienced Wall Street executive.

Kathryn Wilson Stabrawa is a member of the Board of The Ohio State Alumni Association. She has extensive corporate and agency experience in public relations, social media engagement, brand image and marketing.

Our UFunded team is based in Columbus, Ohio.  We have fully embraced the crowdfunding revolution by taking action and having a blast while doing it.  The people we help and the positive impact we have on our community is uplifting, empowering and motivating.  We hope you share our passion and support our vision.  Every day we make it easier for entrepreneurs and alumni to work together creating jobs, fostering innovation and deepening the common bonds we all share.  We are always looking for teammates who share our values.  Feel free to contact us if you want to join the UFunded revolution!

Thank you for inspiring us!  Welcome to UFunded where U Make it Happen!