Entrepreneur Tips

UFunded’s Top 10 Tips for a Successful Campaign

1. Create a video. Use a webcam, smartphone, tablet or camcorder to film your video. The video doesn’t have to be long or professionally done but it will definitely increase the chances of getting UFunded. The most successful campaigns have videos that are anywhere from 1-5 minutes and really explain your cause.

2. Make it personal when setting up your campaign. People want to know the people, issues and importance of your campaign so this is your chance to shine. Once you create your video we will place it on our YouTube channel to help promote your campaign and get you added exposure.

3. Set a realistic fundraising goal. Explain how much money you need and what it will be used for. Giving visibility to the needs of your campaign will excite and motivate your Funders. There is no penalty for exceeding or falling below your goal. You can always run a follow up campaign in the future.

4. Have a sense of urgency with your campaign and your goal. Set a deadline and sprint to the finish! Campaigns are 90 days or less on UFunded so stay at it and make it happen!

5. Give peace of mind. UFunded is a 100% safe and secure site. No credit card information is shared with Campaigners or UFunded. Your protection is our priority and UFunded does not store any credit card information.

6. Share your campaign with social media tools. Your campaign video will go on our YouTube channel. Make sure you get the word out by sharing on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest pages. Every campaign is automatically connected to the most popular social media websites.  This is an easy and effective way to get the word out and go viral.

7. Keep your Funders updated on your Campaign’s status. Remember they cared enough to give originally so keep them in the loop! New YouTube videos, Facebook posts and Tweets are great ways to engage your Funders.

8. Give awesome Funder Incentives. These incentives can give the perfect inspiration for more giving. The incentives can be simple and thoughtful like a thank you note or personal phone call. A business can offer a discount on a product or service. Artists can create unique pieces for Funders. Doing Funder incentives is optional, but the most successful campaigns use them to help motivate supporters.

9. Spread the love! Follow through on Funder Incentives. We’ll make it easy for you and compile a list of your Funders to help you organize their cool gifts. Even if you don’t create Funder Incentives still thank your supporters for helping make your campaign a success.

10. Enjoy the moment and share your passion! You started a campaign for a worthy cause, so dive in and make the most of it. Once Funders see your passion, devotion and hard work they will support you. UFunded can help U Make it Happen!