The UFunded 2012 Fall Classic

Final Rankings of 2012

We would like to congratulate all the participants of the 2012 UFunded Fall Classic! Now that the event has officially concluded we are proud to announce that the LisaMom Foundation has won our first competition!

In 2013 every crowdfunding campaign will be ranked based on the amount of money raised, social media impact and participation from their alma mater. Each campaign will be limited to 60 days. Now we can host competitions ALL YEAR and compare the best campaigns from the winter, spring, summer and fall! The rankings are now officially reset for 2013…Here is one final look back at 2012

Every day is Gameday @ UFunded!


Points Structure (how it works)

Each Fall Classic Team earns points based on (a weighted average of) the following…
1) total dollars raised
2) number of overall supporters,
3) number of supporters from your university,
4) number of followers to each campaign
5) number of “likes” (facebook) & “tweets” (twitter) the campaign generates from their UFunded campaign page. 
The winner of the Fall Classic will be determined by the overall number of points earned over their 60 day campaign.  Our formula for declaring a winenr is slightly less complicated than the BCS but much more complex than a 4 team playoff.   A winner will be named in December 2012.  Massive bragging rights and everlasting glory are on the line. Of course, while we promote competition, everyone wins by representing their university community and getting their gamechanging idea off the ground!  


Here are the campaigns that have been accepted to receive sponsorship from UFunded during the week of October 5, 2012.

The Ohio State University

Campaign:  MarketOSU is the product of an Ohio State student who was frustrated with the options he had for buying and selling his textbooks and event tickets.  MarketOSU launched with two basic services: the exchange of textbooks and student football tickets. Our mission is to save students time by connecting buyers and sellers, and avoiding bookstores at all cost. By limiting our services to students with a valid student email address, provide accountability and results, all while giving you more time to enjoy your time being a college student.
Category:  Website
Campaign Page: MarketOSU Campaign
Campaign End Date:  12/1/2012

University of Nebraska

Campaign:  LisaMom Foundation is a group of students that have been impacted by having a loved one battle or pass away from cancer- many having mother’s pass away from cancer. The team has been working diligently to fundraise, advertise, and brand LisaMom. The Foundation is one that enables mother’s battling cancer to have in-home childcare through the service of a nanny, gas allowance, meals twice a week, and cleaning.
Category: Service
Campaign Page: LisaMom Foundation Campaign
Campaign End Date:  12/1/2012

Michigan State University

Campaign:  Booklify was created at Michigan State by former students who experienced four years of buying overpriced textbooks.  Booklify is dedicated to making textbooks affordable to students in a free and convenient way!
Category: Tech
Campaign Page: Booklify Campaign
Campaign End Date:  12/23/2012

University of Minnesota

Campaign:  Playtabase makes wearable patent-pending technology that gives you control over your electronics in magical and exciting ways.
Category: Tech
Campaign Page: Playtabase Campaign
Campaign End Date:  12/31/2012

University of Oklahoma

Campaign:  Case In Point is the first case for the iphone 5 that will second as a portable stereo. The iphone’s speakers aren’t equipped for loud music, but the Boom can do it, and do it well.  Not only will it be able to play your music but it will also come with a battery, significantly increasing your battery life.
Category:  Tech
Campaign Page: Case In Point Campaign
Campaign End Date:  12/1/2012