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Every innovation starts with the recognition of a problem and a desire to implement change. We recognized that in the college admissions process there were actually many problems and so we have set out to change an outdated paradigm in hopes of making a process that so many high school students have to go through easier, more efficient, and more effective. When applying to college there are so many choices to be made, so much information to sort through, and no sure way to know what colleges out there are looking for in a prospective student. So we asked ourselves, “How can we provide students and colleges the information they both want while also fostering the much desired connections between the two?” Our answer—Synopziz, a free-to-student social network for the college admissions and recruitment process.

Synopziz provides students with a database of information on colleges and universities while simultaneously connecting them in a way like never before. High school students have a profile that contains the student’s academic life, goals, achievements, extracurricular activities, and more. This detailed profile acts as an active resume for college admissions officers, athletics coaches, and extracurricular directors to view. The officers, coaches, and directors have the ability to request more information from the students and begin recruiting the students they believe will excel at their school.

Similarly, college profiles are broken down into several pages that allow students to easily navigate to the information that is pertinent to them. Each profile contains all the information a prospective student would want to know about, such as majors/minors, cost of attendance, scholarships, and even contains statistics about the school from the National Center for Education Statistics, all in one place. Colleges can also create pages to be personalized by and for their sports teams, organizations, various schools, and even social groups like fraternities or sororities. The admissions, athletic, and performing arts departments will have the ability to search for students based on the various fields on their profile allowing for better and more efficient recruiting. They will also be able to contact and recruit students they are interested in. Our site gives all parties involved in the college admissions process direct access to the people and the information that they need and want.

The college search/recruitment service industry is a crowded space with a few big-name sites cluttered with many smaller, competing sites. All of these sites, however, only take on a niche market like sports recruiting or a few college search functions. We are taking all the tools and services out there that students do want and putting them on a single platform to be used by students and colleges in a simpler, more modernized fashion. We do this all on a social network so that our site has a familiar feel to everyone that joins. Students and colleges will have the ability to show interest in one another’s profiles, and pending acceptance by the student, will gain the ability to message one another and to receive updates on a live news-feed. Networking will not just come in the form of messages on our site though. Students can also choose to upload their own athletic and performing arts highlight videos and share them with interested schools or post them in our video galleries, ‘The Combine’ and ‘The Showcase,’ where they can then be viewed, liked, and rated by other users. Our search engine is another key feature that we believe will set us apart from our ‘competitors.’ It allows for students to search for any piece of information from a college’s profile, such as student body size or location of the school, and colleges will have the same ability to search for criteria from a student’s profile, such as ACT score or GPA (the student’s actual profile will not be visible to the college until the student has accepted an interest, and other students will not be able to see the private information on a student’s profile). The ability to search for students’ information to this degree is something that no other service offers and it allows colleges insight into students’ backgrounds up to 2 and a half years sooner than they can now. Colleges are trying to find a means to recruit students via the internet and our combination of detailed personal profiles, the ability to share highlight videos, and our search engine are going to revolutionize college recruitment process.

Your support of our campaign will help us bring our idea to life by funding the creation of a Beta site. We have recently begun working with a very talented and visionary web developer out of Silicon Valley, CA who has the skills and background to bring some great next-generation technology onto our site. He is all about creating the best applications and services which will make this site that much greater. We understand that not everyone has the ability to give and you can help support our effort in other ways. Please feel free to share it on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social site. If you have any suggestions or references feel free to connect with us at the email provided below or on one of our social networking pages. Thanks in advanced for all the help in bring this social network with a social cause to life.


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Justin Taylor - Wabash Class of 2015
Charles Kolisek - Wabash Class of 2014
Joseph Jackson - Wabash Class of 2014



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