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CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN - Case In Point has set out to change the way people think about their phone case. You carry your phone with you everywhere, so why shouldn't the device attached to your phone do more than just protect it?

That's why we're here to make the Boom. The first case for the iphone 5 that will second as a portable stereo. The iphone's speakers aren't equipped for loud music, but the Boom can do it, and do it well.

Not only will it be able to play your music but it will also come with a battery, significantly increasing your battery life.

We've got the components for our iphone 4s prototype, but with the release of the iphone 5 we need a new game plan. That's why we're asking for $12,000 to prototype our iphone 5 Boom and make the first print ever, which will be sent to you, the funders. So check out our rewards, like us on facebook, and follow us on twitter cause this dream can't become a reality without your help!

At the end of this campaign we will make a thank you video for everyone who helped fund this project. We'll write your names on a piece of fruit(and other food) and smash it on camera. The more you fund the bigger the food will be that we smash with your name!

Thanks for the support!

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CEO - David Rainwater
Lead Design Engineer - Dylan Lawbaugh
Lead Graphic Media Artist - Kelsey Higley
Lead Resource Manager - Jeff Bissinger



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David Rainwater

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Days Left (December 1, 2012)



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Funded (Goal: $12,000)


This campaign will only be funded if at least $12,000 is raised by December 1, 2012.



Pledge $5 or more.


At this level we will thank you on either facebook or twitter (your choice). All backer levels will also appear in our thank you video, where we smash food with your name on it.


Pledge $15 or more.


You will receive all of the benefits of the previous reward tier AND get a sleek Case In Point poster.


Pledge $45 or more.


At this tier you'll receive all of the benefits of the previous tiers AND get a Boom! This will not have the Boombox Graphic, and instead will be black.


Pledge $48 or more.


At this tier receive all benefits of the previous tiers AND your boom will include the Boombox Graphic printed on it.


Pledge $65 or more.


All previous tiers AND a custom hand painted graphic on your case instead of the Boombox graphic.


Pledge $200 or more.


All previous tiers + 2 extra custom cases AND be marked as an original funder on our website upon its launch. AND have your likeness represented in our near-future youtube animated commercials.


Pledge $500 or more.


All previous tiers AND every case that CIP launches from now on. We'll also upgrade your Boom if apple releases an iphone 6 or the like.


Pledge $750 or more.


All previous tiers AND be listed on our site as an official tester. Upon the release of future products we will send you prototypes to test out our new idea. You'll have your hands on our products long before anyone else.


Pledge $1,000 or more.


All previous tiers AND have every case we ever send you ever be graphically customized.


Pledge $5,000 or more.


We'll talk. You'll have an overwhelmingly enormous piece of food/fruit smashed in your honor for sure.