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Created by former students who went through four years of overpriced textbooks, we are dedicated to making textbooks affordable to students in a free and convenient way! The idea stemmed from a conversation with a good friend before our last semester of college was about to begin. My friend and I were in the same major so we were going over our classes and books for the upcoming semester. During conversation, it came up that I had purchased a book at the Michigan State bookstore for a class my friend had just taken last semester and had the book to. We then realized that I bought this finance book for $90 at the MSU bookstore while my friend received only $10 back when he sold it back. If my friend and I would have communicated this info prior, I could have paid $50 for my book, saving/making us $40 each!

From this event, I decided enough was enough. It was ridiculous that one of my best friends and I could not communicate to each other the books we needed each semester to attempt to save us money. I realized there needs to be an easy, convenient way for students to communicate to one another the books they need each semester! It was then that I came up with the idea for Booklify.

I pitched the idea at “start-up weekend” in East Lansing and it was voted on one of the ideas to be worked on for the weekend. It was from there that I was able to gather a team where we spent all of this summer working on getting the site up and running for MSU students to be ready to use by the start of this school year. The website is now up and running but the work has only begun. We want students to be aware that there is now a free, easy solution for them to start saving a significant amount of money on their textbooks in a local and convenient way. In order to do this we must have an awesome marketing campaign! We really believe with the proper marketing, this idea will be successful and useful to many MSU students and more college students to come as we expand, but we need your help!

We are looking to reach $2,500 in funding to help us along our marketing campaign. This amount will be a huge start and provide the boost we need to get things started the right way. Please help fund our cause and end the madness of overpriced textbooks! Students are spending enough money already for college, there is now an easy solution to at least reduce one of these costs for students so let’s make this happen! Fund our cause and make textbooks affordable to students! Thanks for all of your support!

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Darin Gross: I graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelor’s degree in finance. I’m very interested in investments and entrepreneurial activities. Interning at Detroit Venture Partners last summer got me very interested in working with start-up companies, specifically tech and web-based companies. I am currently in the Challenge Detroit Program where I serve as a Systems Architect for Marketplace Homes. I recently founded a website at Michigan State University called Booklify, which serves as an online platform for students to buy and sell textbooks directly with each other. Go Spartans!

Kyle Clifton: I am a passionate, hardworking, and reliable student who is currently seeking his Bachelor's of Arts in General Management, as well as a minor in Spanish, at Michigan State University. After a rigorous interview process, I was recently offered a Resident Assistant job that will began this fall. Also in recent news, I was elected as the new Vice-President of Finance & Operations. I began working this summer and have already enhanced many of the services ASMSU provides. In addition, I am actively pursuing new services that the entire undergraduate body can benefit from. I am the Chief Marketing Officer for Booklify. I’ve developed full-scale marketing plans that target MSU students through social media, campus outreach and hiring interns. Go Spartans!



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